Ladies First

Gentlemen step aside, ‘cause we all know its ladies first. But in the world of PR is it always ladies first? Are PR teams marketing various brands and products to attract a woman’s attention? The Advertising firm Holland + Holland took notice that women aren’t just a minority of the market, they are the market. Holland + Holland created she-conomy in an effort to properly gear PR towards the market of women.

Brittiny Bookout is a part of the Holland + Holland firm, and displayed, through research, statistics, facts, and numbers, just how important marketing to women truly is.


Q: Why should women be garnering the PR world and Advertising world’s attention?

A: 85% of brand purchasing is made by women…you want her attention!


Q: When it comes to purchases, especial big purchases like cars and homes, how does a woman typically impact a purchase decision?

A: The purchasing process starts off with the “kickoff” the initial attraction or knowledge of a product or brand—this starts with a woman. After the kickoff comes research—again this step is typically done by women. Then the purchase, and this is where the man comes in, but only because of the woman’s interest and then research of the product or brand. After the purchase has been done it is the woman who takes ownership and it is again the woman who uses word-of-mouth to get the word out about her purchase. 4 out of the 5 steps of the purchasing process is done by WOMEN.


Q: What can we learn about the nature of men compared to women when it comes to purchasing?

A: Men buy. Women shop. Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. Men use the Internet to transact. Women use the Internet to communicate. When strategizing PR or Advertising plans it is key to keep these simple truths in mind.


Q: Well, does this mean we should just be gearing our ads towards soccer moms?

A: NO. Throw traditional demographics out the window. Not all women in their 40s or 50s have children. And its the 50-64 year old women who have the most money to spend and yet they are a group that is rarely marketed to.


Q: How can we catch her attention?

A: 3 out of 4 women will recommend a brand because of its cause. 8 out of 10 women won’t do business with a company not inline with their beliefs. Authenticity and transparency are key. If something goes wrong just tell the truth and tell it quick, if you do this and fix the problem you can earn her loyalty.


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