It’s a woman’s world after all

On Wednesday March 9th, My public relations class was fortunate enough to have guest speaker, Brittiny Bookout. Brittiny is the account services supervisor at a small advertising company called Holland + Holland that focuses on marketing to women. Original Holland + Holland work in real estate, but when the economy started to tank they had to rethink their strategy, that is when they realized two things:

1) 97% of creative directors are men and Holland + Holland had a female creative director.                  

2) 85% of all brand products are made by women. Women are not a niche, they are the market.

Holland + Holland realized that women play a bigger role in the consumer market they most advertising companies think, that’s why they call it she-conomy.

Some simple facts about men and women when it comes to shopping and social networking:

Men buy. Women shop.

Men are hunters. Women are gathers.

Men use the internet to transact. Women use it to connect.

To reach these women use the 5 stages of purchasing:

1. Kick-off. This is where they get an idea about buy something or maybe going on a vacation.

2. Research. Women like to know details of things before they go into them.

3. Purchase. This is the stage where the woman would present her research to her husband or boyfriend and he pays for it.

4. Ownership. Now the purchase has been made.

5. Word of mouth. Women talk, so if she liked her product or had fun on her vacation, she’s going to tell her friends all about it.

Another thing to remember when marketing to women is to look at their life stages, not their age because in this day of age there are no demographics anymore so it’s important to know the type of women you want to target. Also women will get behind a cause for example, the breast cancer awareness charities, if women believe in your cause they will be willing to help it out. So if they are at the store a see pink bowls for breast cancer they will buy them to show their support.

To find out more about Holland + Holland and they work they do check out Stephanie Holland’s she-conomy blog.


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