From Flip Flops to Fi-Plan Partners

A week ago today, Chris Davis, Director of Integrated Communications with Fi- Plan Partners, came and spoke to our class about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Chris told us of his interesting past of once owning a music studio and coffee house before he “traded in his flip flops” for his current job which he raves about. Chris’ job includes exciting aspects such as sending letters to clients, creating a custom blend of coffee for his clients and what way he can make an impression online to customers about his company.

We learned plenty of new things from Chris, which includes:

  • How to make a strategic marketing campaign
  • Being able to measure and evaluate your results
  • White & Black Hat SEO
  • How to have another company’s website link back to you
  • The importance of being a good communicator

Listing to Chris was a great experience. He provided a powerful and positive speech that left you with so much knowledge and for one, a possible internship by the end.

You can find Chris’ blog at:



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