Dialogue not Monologue

Lori Merrick’s, Account Director for Luckie & Company, the 5th ranked Ad Agency-owned PR operation in the U.S.,  shared some very informative and helpful tips to my Principles of PR class on Friday. Lori, whose company deals with big clients such as AT&T, Mercedes-Benz and Regions banks, told us her job consisted of “maintaining the rhythm of everything.” She added that her area of PR consisted of talking to clients and making sure every one should be doing what they are doing.

While talking to the class she shared some helpful tips for the young and potentially future Public Relations practitioners.

1. Try to work in one media outlet to better your journalism skills (newspaper/news channel)

2. Try to connect to target clients emotionally and concrete user loyalty.

3. PR is a dialogue, not a monologue

4. Do your research, be aware what’s going on and what’s important.

5. Be creative and innovative.

As well as giving us productive tips, Lori also provided us with some literature to go out and buy to better our understanding of this business as well as some people/companies on Twitter  to follow.



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