Lookout for Bookout.

We were fortunate enough to hear from a young account services supervisor. She graduated with a corporate journalism major from Auburn University. She worked in Dallas starting out then moved to Birmingham to work with Holland and Holland Advertising.

This advertising firm is quite unique in that the boss is a woman. It is not everyday that you see a woman CEO of an advertising company. They are a very small company consisting of three people including Brittiny, and that’s the way they like it.

One statistic that took me by surprise is that 85%  of all brand purchases are made by women. With that said, women are slowly but surely taking this area of work over (advertising). They are creating different avenues of communication while maintaining popularity through word of mouth and online presences.

Brittiny talked about some common misconceptions of women and other ideas that pertained to women. Here are just a few that she discussed:

– Men buy and women shop. Men know what they want, and they go buy it. Women for the most part shop around and explore different avenues and options.

-Women LOVE relationships. Although a generalized statement it is mostly true in the advertising world. Women like to create relationships to learn more and share more. That is exactly what Brittiny and her team are working towards. They want to be able to tell their clients about the products and what they can do for them, not just the bare bones of the product.

-Women always support a cause. If it is flashy thats even better. Women jump behind a cause and tell their friends about it, send out emails and newsletters, and do many other things to support their cause/s.

-Social networking. This must take place to keep an updated online presence. You must be able to reach your audience in ways that are convenient to them.

Bookout brought it. Even though it was all about women, men can take a good note or two on how to best interact, reach, and relate best with women.



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