Chris Of All Trades

Chris Davis was our second speaker to come share with our PR class and he is quite the worker. As in he has worked over six different jobs that range from a musician to an advertiser. As of now he has landed himself as the director of integrated communications at Fi-Plan Partners.

PR practitioner’s always need to be update on many different aspects, but one of the biggest components that we can take away from Chris’ advice is communication. A dialogue may not be enough, you may need to create your own coffee to help get your name out there (Chris did that for Fi-Plan).

One of, if not the biggest form of communication is through the Internet. It is the most useful tool we have to this date. Your online presence and how you manage that is crucial for the success of your business, client, company, whoever. Out of all of Chris’ points in his brief talk, communication and online presence was the one that resonated the most in my head.

Your online presence will not simply benefit the company you are working for but it will also benefit you if used properly. Future bosses may weigh their options by looking at your online presence.

Chris also discussed how he is currently and will always work to keep Fi-Plan’s webpage at the top of the search engines results. Here are just the starting point pointers to give you an idea of what needs to be done.

-The use of social media is extremely important to reach clients and other businesses. 

-Information at the top of your website. i.e. mission statement, what your company specializes in, and other things that you want your readers to know immediately.

-Use words that will hone people into your website. KEYWORDS!

-Links to other website are always big hot spots for Google searches. By doing this it will give your website the opportunity to show up earlier in your search.

Communication is extremely important for any business to succeed but in our field of PR it is vital for the company to stay afloat.

I will leave you with an example of how social media was used to the greatest extent possible at the time.


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