Taking on a man’s world…in heels.

Brittiny Bookout of Holland and Holland Advertising recently came to our Public Relations class at Samford University and explained the research, reason, and sheer genius of what they call “she-conomy”.



The Stats.

85% of ALL brand purchases are made by women.  That means that in almost every market (including cars, houses, vacations, etc.) women are the ones who do the buying, even in households.


97% of creative directors in the US are men.  Which means, that the person who gives the ultimate approval on ideas for a company is most likely going to be male.

So, how does this almost certainly male creative director know how to market his product to the buyer, which is probably a female (if we follow the statistics)? Good question, that is where Holland and Holland steps in.  They are “the guy’s guide to marketing to women”.

The girls over at H&H have made it fool-proof!  They’ve boiled down a woman’s buying process to a few easy steps.

1. She has a Kick-Off. This is when she decides that she is interested in buying a certain product.

2. She researches. You know, comparing prices, quality, companies, etc.

3. She purchases. This may entail convincing her male partner (if he happens to bring home the bacon) that HER CHOICE is what they need to buy because…   So, while her guy may pay, it’s generally what she wants to buy.

4. She has ownership. Girlfriend goes on that vacation or sports her new car around town.

5. She talks. She gossips to her friends about how much she loves her new purchase, which often begins the kick-off stage for her besties, thus restarting the cycle.

Re-read step 5.  Word of Mouth. This is 2011, people.  We no longer simply chat about things over a latte (that was so 2009).  We are far more complex these days. We can talk to our friends while updating our facebook status on our ipads, tweeting on our phones, and blogging on our laptops.

So, Holland and Holland put this method to use.  Two-way communication via social media between the company and the customer.  Women love building relationships.  If a company makes an effort to get personal and reach out to her, instead of just yelling at her through a TV, she is much more likely to feel loyalty towards that company because she has a connection with them (like the loyalty she has to her favorite shoes).

Also, Holland and Holland know that 75% of women will donate to a cause (and who doesn’t love all of Susan G. Komen’s pink stuff?!).  So, they help their clients understand the importance of helping the community and reaching out to a worthy foundation or cause.  It builds a good reputation and trust…not to mention it helps the world too.

See, guys, it’s really not that hard.  Especially if you have Holland and Holland to help you along the way!


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