“Women Shop, Women Gather”

85% of all brand purchases are made by women.  This is a huge market that is sometimes forgotten in advertising.  Even when the advertiser has women in mind, he normally does not market to them efficiently.

Brittiny Bookout of Holland & Holland Advertising spoke to my Journalism and Mass Communication class at Samford University.  Holland & Holland knows how to market to women.  They get to know her, understand her, and then reach her properly.

Bookout has been with Holland & Holland for over four years and is currently the account service supervisor.  However, she handles almost everything except art.  She does media buying, copywriting, blogging, social media, and contacts Holland & Holland’s clients.  It is a boutique agency so she does a little of everything (and enjoys it).

Women are the Market

Although women are the shoppers, men are in charge of advertising. 97% of creative directors in the U.S. are men.  Creative director is the highest position of an advertising/marketing firm.  Holland & Holland is apart of the 3% who have a woman creative director.

Stephanie Holland has mastered the art of marketing to women.  Her blog, she-conomy.com is a “guy’s guide to marketing to women.”

Holland & Holland use a set of steps a women takes to make a purchase and have found how to connect with her at every level. First, she has a kickoff, for example Bookout said, “She decides she wants to go on vacation.”  She then researches. After research she purchases.  In this example, she takes four possible vacations to her husband or partner (he has the credit card) to decide and buy.  She then has ownership of the vacation (or product). Last, she talks, tells her friends.  The word-of-mouth step is important to remember.

Bookout said, “Men buy, women shop. Men hunt, women gather.”  If you, a women walk into a store for one item, you probably still check out other things.  If you, a man walk into a store for one item, you get that item and get out.

Women and Social Media

The last step of the buying process is word-of-mouth.  What better way for women to voice their opinions and advice on buying than through social media?

Social media has transformed advertising.  Holland & Holland help out their clients to understand this concept.  It is important to not simply “push” out information, but also “pull” information from buyers.  And then respond to them!

By creating a community, the buyer feels a higher level of trust in the brand.

Bookout had an analogy  that was very creative, as well as, effective.  Think of Twitter as a cocktail party.  When attending a cocktail party, you would never walk in and say, “Hi, I’m here. Who wants to talk to me?” They would ask you to leave or unfollow you on Twitter for example.  It takes time to find your connections and communicate.  It is a slow process, but you can learn a lot from it.

Know, Understand, Reach

Holland & Holland have researched and studied in order to now market efficiently. By knowing she isn’t necessarily a mom and by looking at life stages instead of age, the demographic becomes more accurate.

After knowing who they are marketing to, they must understand her. Women care about details and relationships.  “Three-fourths of all women will recommend a brand that supports a cause,” said Bookout.

Now, Holland & Holland know her and understand her.  Reaching her is now easier with social media.

Marketing to women is not as hard as some believe, even for men.  Holland & Holland has mastered it.


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