Network! Network! Network!

We had the pleasure to welcome John Richardson, The Forte Marketing Group’s Digital/Interactive Director, to our class Friday.  His workplace is one known as a “Boutique Agency” with a total of five employees.  John was able to shed some light on his job and some advice for our job venture both pre and post graduation.

The focus of his job is most importantly exposure.  His job is to increase the volume of the client, which allows him to take full advantage of his creative mind.  His primary responsibilities are to build a strategy because without a strategy the message would not be as affective, research, use social marketing, video production, content development, and custom design/setup, simply to list a few.

His thought for us was this:  To follow at least five solid blogs relating to whatever it is that you are doing, because we need to be in the know.

Along with the other speakers we have gotten to listen to this semester, he followed the trend of sharing the importance of writing, and finding your very own style over time.

John seemed to be one of much creativity, sharing that the creative direction he is able to use is the fun part, and if it doesn’t strike home with someone it really doesn’t matter; you will know when you get it.  By using our creativity in our projects and careers, we can work to do something different from what we see on an every day basis over and over.  It’s important to keep the public guessing and being intrigued by what you have to say as a professional in whatever message one’s trying to portray.

He was quite the encourager when it came to speaking of the “gray area” between graduation and finding a job.  He wants people actively online, that can write, easily able to find them online because a lack of communication does not work in the real world.

“Everything you write online is a press release,” was something that he shared that I found quite intriguing.  I never really thought about that when thinking for I would be behind when trying to write a press release for my internship this summer.  Everything we write that is seen by the public, is something that reflects us as a writer and our values and ethics are shown with what comes from our mind to our fingers to the keyboard.

We were told to monitor everything.  It’s a powerful tool, and is quite time-consuming, but you have to know how to react to things instantly when need be.

I really enjoyed when he began giving us examples of his work within the company, and related to their connection with non-profit agencies.  That is a field I am looking to pursue working for in the future, so I was instantly drawn in wanting to learn more.  He described it as a niche of theirs and that it was internally very satisfying working along side of a non-profit to promote them and what they stand for.

Fun Fact: Forte Marketing Group won the 2011 Gold Addy Award!  This was one with a promotional campaign with a non-profit looking to get homeless men and women off of the streets and getting a job and retaining a stable life.

Last but not least he added his Keys To Success:

**NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK was the very first key!

Strengthen your trusted relationships, and those will add value to your job search.


Join relevant groups on LinkedIn after creating a profile of your own.

Self Promotion.

Watch for Trends.

3 B’s: Be Human!  Be Humane!  And Be Honest! (re:@IkePiggot) follow Ike, who is a local influential in the twitter world.

Know your tools and technology!

The Mission>vision-Where I see myself going  and what I want to do+My core values=your mission.

John Richardson was a treat, and was wonderful giving us an overview of his work, his life coaching skills, and creativity in the job field.  I thoroughly enjoyed his visit!

John’s Personal Blog.

Forte’s Blog.


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