John Richardson: The Boutique-er

John Richardon, The Forte Marketing Group’s Digital/ Interactive Director graced our presence in class this past Friday afternoon. His job involves many different components but you could categorize/ title his workplace as a “Boutique Agency”. 

What I gathered:

As PR practioners we must be in the know at all times, updating ourselves on what is new and rid ourselves of what is old. A way we can do this is to follow 5 blogs that directly relates to what you are working with.

We always have to be on the top of our game in a sense. Inovation and creation needs to be at the forefront of our minds. You could see that in John Richardson’s speech that he is very creative.

Keep a watchful eye on everything. You must know how to respond to new things or controversial things in order to be a successful practioner.

He was somewhat repetitive about encouraging us to stay online, stay connected with what you are passionate about. He says that is vital when employers are looking for new employee’s.

My favorite part of his speech:

When he began talking about his work with non-profit agencies. I, too would like to do work for a non-profit organization so it was nice to hear from someone who has a somewhat passion about.

Overall, he was probably my favorite speaker so far. I say this solely because of his interests and the way he presented his speech was compelling and encouraging for me, a college student who is anxious for life after college!

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