It’s gotta hit home.

This past Friday John Richardson of Forte Marketing came to speak in class. I was not in class but I watched the video and this is what I learned…

“The outlet of being creative and make money at the same time is pretty awesome.”

This was one of John’s opening comments and I think this is a large part of the excitement for people heading into this profesion. Instead of having paperwork to look forward to everyday we have the opportunity to create and change the industry.

Here are some main points John made throughout his talk:

1.Web 2.0 changed everything.

–       Through the web, advertising became much more cost affective.

2.Increase the volume of your clients.

–       Whether that be product, information, or whatever.

3. Strategy.

–       Without a solid strategy, not much will get done.

4. Writing is something you will do a lot of.

–       Develop your skills and your own style over time.

5. Connect with your audience.

–      “If it doesn’t strike home with someone it doesn’t matter.”

6. Take the time to know your skills and your co-workers skills.

–        Let them do the jobs they are good at so you can focus on the jobs you are good at.

These are just some of the points John covered. With each speaker we receive some new information and other information that is echoed by each speaker. Ideas such as knowing your audience, knowing your skill set and making it better (like writing), and having a strategy and understanding of the client you are going to take.  Another great presentation and there is more to be learned.


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