“If it doesn’t strike home, it doesn’t matter”

Our most recent in-class speaker, John Richardson, spoke to us on Friday, March 4th.  Richardson currently serves as the Digital/Marketing Director for Forte Marketing Group, located here in Birmingham, Alabama.  He reinforced in us many principles that the other speakers had mentioned, but also brought up other relevant points.

1. Social Media has arrived – again, John reinforced the idea that sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are things we have to be knowledgeable about.  Even if they later loose popularity, they now are critical parts of any PR or marketing campaign, and we must show at the least a willingness to learn how to use them.

2. Sell yourself to future employers – in this job market especially, it is important to make an effort to stand out above the crowd.

3. Networking – making connections within the industry is crucial.  Those are the relationships that could help to get you a job or an internship that could make a difference in your future.  Additionally, John mentioned that Forte often has to work with outside companies to rent video equipment or to direct a video, and those relationships make for smoother and better business deals.

4. Always remember the “3 B’s” – be human, be humane and be honest.

5. Watch for trends – just like the recent swell in popularity in social media, it is important to not only observe but understand industry trends as well.  Even if they are only trends, it demonstrates to potential employers that you are paying attention to what is going on, and that you are willing to get outside of your comfort zone and be a lifelong learner.


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