Forte on Friday

Jon Richardson, from the Forte Marketing Group came and spoke to our Public Relations Class last week regarding about what he does as the Digital/Marketing director for Forte. John is a graduate of Samford. After he left Samford, John played drums in a rock band for a few years before deciding he wanted to do something closer to his degree in marketing. So John became a buyer for a large recreational outdoor company. After working for another company for a few years John began work at Forte in March 2010. Some of things John does at Forte are Strategy, research, and social media marketing. John’s talk was very interesting and was filled with many career tips for those wanting to get a job in pr. Here are the 5 most important things I learned.

1. Network, Network, Network- John said to get out and meet people in the public relations field whether it’s by meeting them personally or tweeting with them.

2. Add Value to yourself You can do this by letting the people who you network with know how you are different then everybody else and what you can do to help that company.

3. Blogging and tweeting You got to put yourself out there so companies can find you. You can do this blogging, tweeting, Facebook, YouTube. The more places you are the better

4. Linkedin- John says create a profile on here and network with people from pr and advertising companies. He also said it would help to join relevant groups related to public relations and advertising

5. Self promotion Come up with ways to promote yourself for jobs to these companies in ways that are unique and different from what other people have done.


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