“Increase your volume”


Whenever style comes to mind, I think fashion, Vogue or even Michael Kors. However, style is not only found within clothing and shoes. Digital and Interactive Director John Richardson introduces a new realm of style—the PR world. Having the ability to express one’s style within writing or speaking is vital for a successful PR campaign. Along with creativity, Richardson gave additional tactics on how to succeed after college. Lets dive in.

First and foremost—Network.

By strengthening relationships, you are also opening various doors for future jobs or internship opportunities. It’s common sense, really. Often times in life, it comes down to who knows who. One trusted relationship could benefit you far more than you know.


Blogging has become the new phenomenon.

Ironically, “blogging” is not even considered a word on Microsoft Word. Nonetheless, blogs continue to grow, along with Facebook and Twitter. When referring to blogs, Richardson said, “Read them, they will benefit you.” So there you have it—blogs can be used as a creative outlet, a work place, or even a source for learning.


Consider your options.

Richardson works for The Forte Marketing Group, a “boutique” agency located in Homewood, Alabama. The company is made up of five people, just five. Richardson finds himself doing countless responsibilities. From video editing to creating websites, Richardson has no typical day. A smaller work atmosphere allows for more variety within your day; however, can you handle the extreme flexibility? Consider your options, there are many.


Finally, the 3 B’s—be human, be humane, be honest (Ike Pigott).

John Richardson, thanks for the advice. I’ll be using it from here on out. –LP

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