Be Human, Be Humane, Be Trusting

John Richardson of The Forte Marketing Group

John Richardson of The Forte Marketing Group spoke Friday, March 3 with tips on how to become a success in the PR world.

First, join a band and travel around for several years.

Then find a somewhat boring job that in no way relates to your degree.

Finally, once you’ve settled down, follow this acronym.

Never Call Bernie Tall.

In reference to Dr. Bernie Ankney. No, he doesn’t truly mind this, but tall rhymes with call; and we all love Bernie. So how easy is it to remember to Never Call Bernie Tall and always keep in mind John Richardson’s major pointers when looking to be a successful PR worker.

N– Networking

The over-stressed but beyond important skill of networking was a key point in John’s lecture.  Strengthening existing relationships is key.  Using social networking is a must, and John encouraged Linkd-In with the proper grouping to find people who are relevant to your position or the services your company offers.  Use all opportunities to promote yourself in real life and the cyber world.

C– Creating

Creativity and constantly coming up with new ideas or research will keep your work fresh and audiences on their toes.  This keeps them interested; a bored audience won’t stay around for long.  Everything about you should be creative or catchy.  Blog posts (see ‘Bernie’ portion), web designs, speeches, ads, you name it.  Engage your audience rather than just inform them.  People are much more likely to remember something if they are actively interested and engaged rather than just seeing an ad on the side of the page.

B– Blogging

John encouraged everyone to write, write, and write some more. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the better you will get.  He even went as far as to say that having a blog set to private that you keep up with on a consistent, regular basis is a good thing.  It’s not about the views so much as the practice to begin with.  So WRITE.

T– Trending

Journalists and PR fanatics, and those of that sort, absolutely positively must stay on top of trends in writing, the subject areas they cover, the companies they represent, their competition, their audiences, pretty much any trend in any area related to their lives.  Missing out on a trend could mean losing money, major clients, or your credibility.  If you work to promote a company that sells hair straighteners and the population suddenly starts only wearing their hair pulled back you need to be on top of that information so you can find a way to sell the plus of a straightened ponytail to America’s youth.  Otherwise your companies sales will plummet and your job-position suddenly opens up.

Never Call Bernie Tall covers most of John’s technical points, but he also stressed the three B’s.

Be human.

Be humane.

Be trusting.

To find out more about John or The Forte Group visit


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