Life in Modern Advertising.

The Digital and Interactive Director from The Forte Marketing Group, John Richardson, came to speak about life in modern advertising.  The goal of the advertising agency is to increase a client’s volume by using creativity with accountability, function, and form.  The good thing about this “boutique” agency, is that since it is made up of only five people, everyone gets to do a little bit of everything.

Some primary responsibilities include :

  • strategy
  • research
  • content development
  • social marketing
  • creative direction
  • blogging
  • writing
  • social media

He asked the class if we thought that public relations and social media are the same thing. We replied with a yes and no.  Richardson explained that everything online should be viewed as some sort of press release.  With that said, there is really no difference between pr and social media.

Like every other speaker we as a class have had, John Richardson took time to emphasize the importance of writing.  When their agency is hiring, they ask can you write? Do you write? I have learned the strong importance of developing good writing skills by publishing my work, even if it is on a personal blog that no one really sees.  Any sort of writing will prepare me for a job in this field.

He then made a point to tell us that we need to be known online.  We need to have a presence so that when a company googles us they can see our work and correct information about us.

I took away good information about what to do after graduation.  He encouraged us to network, strengthen relationships, blog, watch for new trends, and promote ourselves well.

Click here to visit The Forte Marketing Group’s website.


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