Increase the Volume

John Richardson of The Forté Marketing Group visited our JMC 492 class Friday.  Richardson is a Samford graduate. Our class learned many things from Richardson, but here are a few of the main points I got from the experience:

  • In the public relations arena you have to be aware of modern advertising. Web 2.0 changed everything. All the projects we do as pr practitioners will need to reach the 2.0 audience. Applications are becoming a huge part of our lives because of smart phones. Apps are a perfect way to get our word out there.
  • We must always increase the volume of our client. Our goal everyday should be to get our client as much positive publicity as possible. We do this in a variety of different ways. Richardson gave a list of different tasks he does every day: strategy, research, custom designs, mobile development, search engine optimization, creative direction, blogging, art direction, writing,  public relations, video production, monitoring, agency, doing new and coolest first and doing whatever it takes for results. It is definitely a lot of work, but it is necessary in order to give the client the best results possible.
  • Public relations and social media are pretty much the same thing. We can no longer have one without the other. Social media is crucial to good pr.
  • We can reach almost anyone if you target your posts correctly.
  • We must always be asking ourselves, “How can I do what hasn’t been done?” Creative unique ideas are a big part of grabbing an audience’s attention.
  • When considering possible jobs in the public relations field it is probably best to consider what environment we work best in. Perhaps the best option for someone who likes working with big groups would be a large agency. Whereas, someone looking for an intimate setting with few people would probably do better at a boutique agency.
  • Finally, We have our tips for what to do now and right after we graduate:

– Always try to make your name seen with the company your trying to get to hire you.

  1. Network (Meet people and make relationships.)
  2. Strengthen these relationships.
  3. Blog and join relevant groups.
  4. Promote ourselves(Get our names out there.)
  5. Watch for trends ( What is happening in the industry?)
  6. 3 B’s : 1) Be human. 2) Be humane. 3) Be honest.
  7. Know our tools and technology.



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