Fortunate to Learn from Forte’

Digital and Interactive Director John Richardson from Forte’ Marketing Group taught our class about the marketing industry. John’s previous job was in high end specialty retail marketing for outdoor equipment.  He also worked at a digital agency in Kentucky.  John refers to Forte’ as a “boutique” agency because they have as few as five employees. They work around a table and jot ideas down on the dry erase boards all around the room. He told us to think about the kind of environment that we would work best in.

Here are some of John’s Responsibilities:

  • Strategy (The key to all things start here)
  • Content Development
  • Video Production
  • Writing (2.0)
  • SMM Social Marketing
  • Blogging

John said that working for a nonprofit was very satisfying because of the brilliant ministries they have. One of their clients is Jimmie Hale Mission. Here is an example of one of the commercials that won an Addy award.

“It’s simple to the point where it hits home”

Great Keys to Success:

Self Promote yourself and establish a strong online presence

Practice blogging

Keep up with the latest trends

Network, Network, Network!

Here are some wonderful social media people to follow. Get out of your comfort zone because if you take that chance then you could possibly end up at a  company like Forte’ and help film awesome commercials like this one:

“The outlet of being creative and making money is awesome!”

Be sure to check out the agency’s web site and blog to find out more about the company and its success.

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