Finding your Forte.

On March 4th, My public relations class was lucky enough to have guest speaker, John Richardson come and tell us about his job at Forte Marketing Group. John Richardson is a Samford alumni and works as the digital/interactive director at Forte. His job as a modern advertiser consist of the following:

Life in modern advertising:

Strategy                                         Video Production

research                                          Art Direction

content development                   Writing (2.0)

SMM (social marketing)              PR-social media

Custom design/Apps.

Blogging- that’s a big one!

The number one job that Richardson has is to found new and cool first, he finds new ways to sell or advertise a product. The Forte Maketing Group won a 2011 Gold ADDY Award for their non-profit work on the JHMS cardboard campaign.

To find success in the mass media world here are a few things to practice:


Strengthen trusted relationships

Add Value


use social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter to get yourself out there

Self-promotion, it’s important to let people know what you have to offer them

watch for trends

know your tools and technology

Apply the three B’s: be human, be humane and be trusting

To find out more about John or The Forte group go to


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