“Try to do something different, everyday”

If you’ve ever asked someone in the public relations, marketing or advertising field what they do at work.. I am sure you have heard the same answer.

“There’s no such thing as a normal day.”  …. “A typical day is atypical.”

John Richardson of The Forté Marketing Group recommended we start this concept now.  Richardson said, “Try to do something different. Be creative,” when speaking to a class of Journalism and Mass Communication students at Samford University.

John Richardson

John Richardson is the digital and interactive director at Forté Marketing, a boutique full service agency in Birmingham, Alabama.  He is also a Samford graduate of the business school.

When asked why business and not journalism, he went back to his days as a college guy and said, “At the time, I was more interested in no class on Friday than writing.”

It obviously didn’t slow Richardson down any.

The Forté Marketing Group

Richardson has been at Forté for almost a year.  Forté is a very powerful group with several tools available for their clients.  They spend big money to “sniff” out online information about the reputation of their clients’ brands.  They have a 24/7 program watching online presence of information.

Forté has won several awards for their work including recent “Addy’s” (American Advertising Federation Addy Awards).

Luck vs. Talent

Richardson says he ‘lucked out’ by getting this position during a window of opportunity.  That window being Web 2.0, which created a big splash and began changing the field. The flexibility to target a message to a particular audience on many different channels makes the job more creative.

“Forté Marketing creates brands and then cranks their volume to 11.”

At the end of the day, they do whatever it takes.  They ask themselves, “Where can we take this next?” By having their hands involved in everything and working closely together as a team, this can be accomplished. Richardson is the main creative input, as well as, all things digital for this team.


Our last speaker, Chris Davis and my past post went over SEO (search engine optimization) extensively.  Richardson mentioned SEO in order to compare it to CPC (cost per click) and PPC (pay per click).

With SEO you are constantly trying to keep up, it is not a one fix thing.  With CPC/PPC you are paying, but your site is automatically at the top of the search engine results.  He recommended this for crisis’ in particular.

Proof CPC/PPC works:  http://blog.chumbonus.com/how-a-creative-guy-found-a-job-through-google-pay-per-click-ads/

Advice From Richardson

  1. Blogs are important. Blog yourself (make it private if you want) and keep up with bloggers from your field of interest.
  2. Network. Make connections and then strengthen them. Next, add value to each relationship.
  3. Be smart: get ahead now. Pay attention to trends and be a step ahead.
  4. Establish online presence. Blogs, LinkedIn, etc. Join relevant groups.
  5. Self-Promote. Everyone else does.
  6. Ike Pigott‘s 3B’s. Be human. Be humane. Be honest.
  7. Write as much as possible. Even if you don’t enjoy it. Practice.
  8. Know your tools & tech. You never know what you might be using one day.

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