“I’m huge on the right brain.”

Chris Davis, Director of Integrated Communication at fiPlan Partners, came to speak with us last Friday with his focus being SEO (search engine optimization).  He actually graduated from Samford, and told us how he used to hop right our his window to take classes in the very building we were having class.  He has quite the past with having been a student in Munich, Germany, being traveling musician for 11 years, and owning his very own coffee shop before heading into the career he is now currently in.  He now works in an independent financial company and loves it.

His job includes looking for ideas and are new and fresh, sending letters to clients, advertising, making christmas cards him and his co-workers, and my personal favorite having a custom coffee blend for the company entitled “Financial House Blend.”

Something else I found quite interesting was the fact that online advertisement and social media for their company is scarce to none due to some regulation problems I found hard to grasp myself.  But he did say that his creativity has truly been pushed to find ways to utilize the online area, and YouTube seems to be a good outlet.

Since blogging is not practical for his company he has a personal one that embraces him being a dad and his blogs include fun ways to incorporate time with your kids and fun ideas of what to do with them.  Davis truly has a heart for people and told us that his main goal is to make the lives better for their clients, with their benefit in their mind, even if a loss of money on their end is to come from it.

After telling us about his basic job description, he carried his session into his big topic, SEO.  He said that 98% of writers will have what they have written end up online, so knowing how this works is crucial.  He explained that within this there are both the white and black hats in SEO.  The white hats follow the rules, and naturally the black hats do not follow the rules.  The example of white hat was Google, because they know how to place the words that are useful in the right and fair way.  Their number one goal is to get information to the public.  The black hats have a way of gaming the system, for example putting “key” words throughout the site to ensure the public has their site pop up first on their search engine.

Within SEO he explained that there is a source code, which are the “keywords” within the search.  He went into detail of how you can see how many times your website is used by the search engine, that was you know if your keywords are working.

Davis showed us the key ideas behind having a successful website within the realm of SEO.  Some of which were keywords, using keywords in content, inbound links, writing story within the content, not to overuse words, and to keep the important things above the fold.  The one key thing he shared was the if you can get someone else’s link to link back to your’s then you can prove the value of your website!  Another bonus is if you include YouTube videos on your website, which will bump you up on the SEO criteria.

From what I could tell, Chris really seems to enjoy what he does.  After him telling us his background, and how much creativity juices he has flowing 24/7, he really got me excited to be in the working field and to pursue something that I would love to do.  He proved to me that in each season of life comes something new and exciting and to embrace that season for what it is.  He was a joy to have in the classroom and was quite the inspiration to do something that makes you happy.  Thanks Chris!

Check out Chris’ personal blog:



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