Red and yellow, black or white you should come to Samford

In our PR class we were asked to construct a PR plan for Samford University to communicate to perspective students who are interested in Journalism and Mass Communication.  I am choosing the 9 Basic Steps to MBO to construct my PR plan.

First, the Client/ Employer Objectives must be determined. What is the purpose of the communication, and how does it promote or achieve the objectives of the organization? Samford wants to reach out to high school students who may or may be interested in Journalism and Mass Communication. By giving information on the university as well as the department itself the students will gain a better understanding of the school and what it has to offer.

Second, Who is the Audience/ Publics? Who exactly should be reached with the message, and how can that audience help achieve the organization’s objectives? The high school students are the audience in this PR plan.

Third, Audience Objectives. What is it that the audience wants to know, and how can the message be tailored to audience self-interest? In this case the audience wants to know what Samford University as a whole has to offer and what the Journalism and Mass Communications major has to offer as well.

Forth, Media Channels.  What is the appropriate channel for reaching the audience, and how can multiple channels reinforce the message? There are a few different channels that would reach high school students. One of the most viewed channels would be any social networking site. Also, if multiple channels (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) are producing worthy information to these high school students it should have a lasting affect on them.

Fifth, Media Channel Objectives.  What is the media gatekeeper looking for in a news angle, and why would a particular publication be interested in the information? This step does not directly apply to our PR plan but I think this step could potentially help maintain focus.

Sixth, Sources and Questions.  Which primary and secondary sources of information are required to provide a factual base for the message? In this step I believe it is vital to rely on facts about Samford. i.e when it was founded, how many students attend, how many different schools are inside Samford University and so on. Also, quotes and comments from students at Samford could be beneficial as well.

Seventh, Communication Strategies. Which factors will affect the dissemination and acceptance of the message? The format and overall order this plan is given is vital for success. It must be easy for high school students to relate to, if not, they will look over Samford University and choose somewhere else. If you give these students a reason to come that may be beneficial. i.e. concerts and other big name events always attract attention.

Eighth, Essence of the Message. What is the planned communication impact on the audience? We want the students to see what Samford has to offer through our campaign and then in return apply to go to Samford and then hopefully attend Samford.

Ninth, Nonverbal Support. How can photographs, graphs, films, and artwork clarify and visually enhance the written message? This campaign must be able to prove that Samford is better than other schools. Like I said earlier it is always helpful to show photographs and videos of concerts on campus and other events that JMC majors could get involved in. Evidence of the quality of Samford University should play a key role in the PR campaign.

All for now friends.



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