Recruiting for JMC


Countless students all across the country are considering perusing journalism and mass communication, here is why those students should be considering Samford University, and the reasons that they should ultimately choose it.


1. Objectives – The JMC department’s goal is to actively pursue high school seniors and juniors who have expressed interest in Samford and in the department. Not only should the JMC department be reaching out to students who have expressed interest in their program, but the department should also implement an intentional approach towards journalism-geared high school students all over the country—even those who may not necessarily know about Samford.


2. Audience/Publics – The JMC department’s audience includes students who are interested in attending Samford and students who are simply interested in choosing to major in JMC. The section of this audience who are already interested in Samford may require a different approach compared to students excelling in journalism but may have not heard of Samford.


3. Audience Objectives – The section of audience members who are already interested in Samford, but may not have a major in mind, are interested in hearing why JMC is a good choice. Those students are going to want to know numbers, and statistics on success rates for recent graduates. They are probably going to want to meet some JMC teachers and discuss future career options in this field. The other part of this audience would be students interested in JMC but not necessarily looking at Samford. This audience needs to hear how Samford’s JMC department is a nationally competitive department, how it hosts experienced professors, and provides excellent internship and potential career opportunities.


4. Media Channels – Advertising in high schools can be very beneficial for this department. Trying to reach students on facebook and twitter and through blogs of course can be achieved, but getting their attention in an already academic setting may be ultimately more beneficial. This department may consider sending a few JMC professors to high school journalism classes, and continue on-campus activities such as the high school journalism workshop this department annually hosts. If a student does visit Samford and the JMC department then brochures and other handouts will help them keep all the information and facts straight. But ultimately it is personal touches like meeting with current JMC students or receiving a follow up phone call from the department head that makes students remember this department.


5. Media Channel Objective – The media channels, particularly any printed channels, should focus on quick, important facts that students can refer back to. It is important to include success rates and rankings and other important figures students are considering when choosing a college or department.


6. Sources and Questions – Facts and figures about the department would need to be approved by the university dean and department head. More importantly though, one source for these potential students needs to be current students. It is important to provide potential students with access to current students opinions and points of views because they are the most relatable source a potential student could ever have. Questions a student may have should be followed up by the department head.


7. Communication Strategies – A potential student needs to not only visit Samford but they also need to visit a JMC class. Sitting inside a classroom, with current students, and potentially their new teachers is the best way to give a potential student a taste of this department.


8. Essence of the Message – The message for high school students is that there is a place for them here in the department, and taking advantage of that will open doors, provide opportunities, and grant them invaluable knowledge and resources.


9. Nonverbal Support – Making current students’ projects available online for potential students to look at would put a visual on the kind of work they would be doing and the skills they would be learning while in this department.



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