Let us make your future happen.

In our Public Relations class we were told told take the JMC Department at Samford and to develop a PR plan to recruit new students to attend Samford University as well as major in Journalism and Mass Communications.

I chose to use the 9 basic MBO steps.

1. Client/Employer Objectives. What is the purpose of the communication, and how does it promote or achieve the objectives of the organization? Samford has  is a wonderful school, and every major it offers is unique as well as prestigious. Samford wants all of its departments to grow in size and as a whole continue to make the school larger. The students need to hear about the opportunities that wait at Samford not just as a Christian school, but also a a place of academic excellence.

2. Audience/Publics. Who exactly should be reached with the message and how can that audience help the organization achieve it’s objectives? The audience or publics are the students are their parents. The more people we can attract to take part in the Samford experience helps to make the school larger.

3. Audience Objectives. What is it that the audience wants to know, and how can the message be tailored to audience self interest? The audience wants to know what is in it for them. How can they benefit as a family by sending their child to Samford. It can be tailored buy offering in-depth knowledge of not only the major but also the working world and how these degrees will transition into stable jobs for students.

4. Media Channels. What is the approprite channel for reaching the audience and how can multiple channels reinforce this message? There are many ways to go about this. A few channels that would definitely reach the highschool crowd are in school visits with handouts and something free, a good website, and a facebook page or a well kept twiter account.

5. Media Channel Objectives. What is the media gatekeeper looking for in a news angle, and why would a particular publication be interested in the information? This would apply if our target was making into some type of paper or news story but in this case I don’t believe it applys.

6. Sources and Questions. Which primary and Secondary sources of information are required to provide a factual base for the message? For primary and secondary sources I would turn directly to the Samford staff as well as the JMC students that are already apart of the programs.

7. Communication Strategies. Which factors will affect the dissemination and acceptance of the message? The presentation to the students is key in this area. If you simply throw numbers at them about how much they will improve scores or information all about the academics they may be bored, but if you present that information along with events on campus and other social aspects it would be more attractive to them.

8. Essence of Message. what is the planned communication impact of the audience? The goal is to attract them enough to where they want to come visit and look into scholarships that are offered. Samfords beautiful campus is a wonderful recruiter we just need to get the kids here.

9. Nonverbal Support. How can photographs, graphs, films, and artwork clarify and visually enhance the written message? Images and videos are always more attractive to the younger generations, and it would help show of the beauty of Samfords campus as well as its people.


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