Ketchums Strategic Planning Model to get kids to Samford and major in Jmc.

Coming up with a plan to recruit new students to attend Samford University and major in Journalism&Mass Communication could be a difficult objective. You would need to spend lots of time researching Samford and the JMC department before you began this project. To do this project well I would follow Ketchum’s Strategic Planning Model.

Fact- The first step of this project would be to research to find out information. You would have to research what are the recent trends in jmc major.You would have to look at Samford’s jmc curriculum and see what they offer . You also would need to know where the JMC students are getting  jobs when they graduate. You also would need to the competitors that Samford would be competing against to get students. Many of  those schools would be Southern Conference schools along with other small liberal arts colleges and see how their jmc departments compare to Samford. 

Goals-To do this you would need to know Samford and  the Jmc departments goals and what kind of students they are looking for.You would need to know and to promote the goal of the Jmc department which is, “A unique combination of a liberal studies education and professional training in journalism and mass communication provides you with almost limitless career options.” (

audience- The audience for this message would be high school seniors. You would have to tailor your message to attract to students not just to Samford but to join the jmc department. One of the ways which you could do this is by using Pamphlets, Facebook groups, and twitter to get your message across. You could use facts and awards that Samford and the jmc department have received to get your message across to your audience.

Key Message- The key message I would want to sell to high school kids would be that Samford is a top liberal arts school with one of the best Journalism departments in the country. I would continue to promote the fact that Samford was voted one of the top quality schools by Us News and World Report.


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