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I was asked to create a PR plan to recruit new students to attend Samford and Major in Journalism. I was asked to choose from a list of strategic planning options. I will conduct by planning as follows:

9 Basic Steps to MBO

1 ) Client/Employer Objectives: To make students aware of the opportunities they could have if they chose to be a Journalism Major at Samford. Let them know exactly why Samford stands out from the rest.

2 ) Audience/Publics: We will be aiming our plan at graduating high school seniors. Surveys and polls can will be helpful to see what our audience is interested in. This will help us discover what type of student generally looks at Samford as a college choice. After acknowledging their likes and dislikes, we can use this knowledge to connect which certain attributes the students are looking for.

3 ) Audience Objectives: These students want to know why they should choose Samford. They expect to find out exactly why majoring in Journalism would be the best decision for them.  We need a message that will promote our college and answer these questions.

4 ) Media Channels: We can use media outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, and blogging to connect with this particular demographic. We can also send e-mails and brochures that are visually appealing to the typical prospective student.

5 ) Media Channel Objectives: Our main angle in using Facebook and Twitter is giving each student a voice. This provides us with ample feedback and helps make the students feel included. Our goal with e-mails and brochures is to get our information out to our audience in an appealing way. We want the information to get out there abruptly but we also want to cover all of the positive attributes that Samford has to offer.

6 ) Sources and Questions: We are going to need to use interviews with current students, alumni, and professors. Positive views from former and current students will boost our standing. Accurate information from professors is needed to boost our credibility. We will need to include Samfords rankings and areas that we excel in within the Journalism department. We need to mention the success of  the program as well as the opportunities it offers each incoming freshman.

7 ) Communication Strategies: A primary goal of our message should be to show prospective students what current and past students have done with the program. They need to know that the program is an ongoing success and see exactly why it is. We need to be ready to address any negative opinions and comments that people post on the internet. We need to be prepared to show how we try to avoid issues and show examples of success for these particular issues.

8 ) Essence of The Message: This message is not just to change opinions. Of course we want these students to think that Samford is an excellent choice. However, it is more than that. We must influence their opinion to the point that they make the behavioral decision to become a JMC student at Samford.

9 ) Nonverbal Support: We will use photographs of current students that are evidently happy with what they are doing. Pie charts and demographics are used to show our success rate as well as our rankings. Films and artwork can be used as forms of persuasion to get the students to join us in the JMC department.


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