Calling all JMC recruits!

With a client like the Samford JMC Department, strategy is key when thinking of how we are going to reach out to potential students and recruits to major in Journalism and Mass Communication.

First we would need to start out with finding the facts.  Research would have to be done on schools across the country with similarities in such areas as of potential recruits, close to the same size and enrollment, tuition prices, and majors available.  But first and for most, focus on which schools who also offer the opportunity of majoring JMC, Journalism,  Communication Studies, or other similar majors would need to be researched thoroughly.  After seeking these competitors out, we would need to analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and similarities within the department to continue to move forward with our PR plan.  Looking into how they are recruiting would be crucial to make sure that we choose a tactic and strategy that stands out from the others.  After the focus of the schools, we need to begin looking at top feeders of high schools across the country that we could focus on that have students seemingly interested in a major in Journalism and Mass Communication. We need to use things like social media, personal visits, speakers, to reach out to our target audience: that is young adults in high school or even transfer students.

After gathering the facts if off to set our team’s goals..

What our objectives?  We need to be focusing on both the fall and spring.  We need to be getting our name out there as soon as we can.  Our time frame is an ongoing, all year thing.  By using our PR techniques, we are showing the potential students in our JMC department, what PR is supposed to look like and that we know how to do it affectively.  We are trying to make our department appealing to all and show how it could benefit the student and that the parent’s money will be going to a good place.  By getting the student’s attention, we are planning to keep on building up the major of JMC into something even bigger than it is; something that will be interesting and easily accessible to anyone interested!  After setting the goals for our department then we start focusing on our audience.

Who is our target audience, and where to we hit them the hardest, how do they already feel about our department, and how do we actually want them to feel about us?

Those are all questions we will have to keep in mind when furthering our planning.  We will have to make sure that we are targeting the students and the families of the students from all over the country.  So by making sure to use different tactics to be appealing to both audiences will be key.  We have to make sure to keep a good reputation among those who have already formed an opinion.  We have to make them think otherwise if the opinions are slightly lower than wanted.  By coming up with plans after further research on the most successful strategic mechanisms, we will be sure to have a successful plan of action. Once the audience is focused on, it is lastly, time to focus on our key message and our main point for our PR campaign.

What is our main point and key message?  That is something that we would have to sit down as a company to really try to understand each other and all of our goals throughout the planning process.  We need to make sure that we have a good strong point that will catch the eye of both the students and the parents, even if the point is to be gotten across in different ways, that is fine!  We are here to benefit our audience and to use that audience to in turn help us as a department to have great minds that are interested to major here at Samford in the JMC department.

If we follow Ketchum’s strategic Planning Model, our JMC department will hopefully be gaining national attention from students and their families in a very much positive light.  I think that this model is one of ease to follow and get the main points across successfully, and ones creativity can run free and run the show with this model in particular.

I wonder if these models were used for us when being recruited to come to Samford??


For a power point over the Ketchum Strategic Planning Model, please click on the link below!



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