A major that opens doors… welcome to JMC.

First of all, JMC is the best major offered by Samford University.  I could stop there but here are 9 Basic Steps to help seal the deal.

Client/ Employer Objectives – Well for this new PR plan I would be working for the JMC Department.  The goals of the JMC Department is to open the eyes of high school seniors to the best major at Samford University and convince them to commit to Samford.

Audience/Publics – The main audience we will aim for is the rising freshman class.  High School seniors who are interested in Journalism, print, broadcast and PR are perfect students who match our prime demographic.

Audience Objectives – The potential class will want to know what general education classes they are required to take with this major.  They will also want to know what scholarships are offered specifically for this major.

Media Channels – As rising freshmen, these students will be looking at hundreds of college websites.  Instead of forcing them to read over yet another cite, lets invite them to visit a Samford JMC Facebook page.  This is going to our audience, not forcing them to come to us.  The page would allow anyone to join, that way rising freshmen could talk to other potential JMC majors and build friendships before even getting on Samford’s campus.

Media Channel Objectives – Thankfully there would be no media gatekeeper since our channel would be through Facebook.

Sources and Questions – Our best source would be the department chair, Dr. Ankney.  Other sources would include admissions counselors and current JMC students at Samford.

Communication Strategies – Something that will seal the deal with this strategy is testimony from current students.  Seeing some of our work, like our videos from 310, or issues of The Crimson, would show these potential students that this major is about doing not just sitting in class taking notes.

Essence of the Message – This message is not only to inform the potential JMC students, but also to recruit them to Samford University and the JMC Department.  By showing these individuals the positive aspects of the department we hope to have them decide Samford University is right for them.

Nonverbal Support – By showing the potential students videos made my film production minors, photographs by JMC students and issues of The Crimson we show how much of a “hands on” department JMC is.   The JMC Department has plenty of visual aids to help bring in new recruits.


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