Strategically Thinking JMC

The 9 Basic MBO Steps is a wonderful way to strategically plan for future Samford University JMC majors.  Using a creative approach will give us a higher success rate.

Client/Employer Objectives-The purpose of JMC Department’s communication is to recruit new students and try to persuade them to major in journalism. Our specific objective is to make the JMC Department look like an interesting field to major in and that it will hold wonderful career opportunities for its majors in the future.

Audience/Publics– Our audience is composed of  high school upperclassmen, transfer students, and current students with an interest in JMC. Our audience can help achieve objectives by gaining an interest in the JMC Department and its professors.

Audience/ObjectivesThe prospective students would like to know which types of classes the department offers and who the professors are. They also would like to know which kind of resources are in the department. The message can be tailored to our audience by showing them how our department differs from the others. “You have to listen to your audience and dig deep into that social graph to discern what kind of content you should be producing and who would be interested in it,” according to The Proactive Report.

Media Channels– The best way to reach our audience is through social media and events such as Preview days. The students are more likely to see our message through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Preview days will work well because we are promoting our department in their current school.

Media Channel Objectives-We have to remember who we are tailoring our message to. High school seniors and juniors are interested in writing, communication, technology, marketing, etc. We have to relay our message creatively by showing them the opportunities and resources that they will be able to use at Samford. We’ll use channels such as social media.

Sources and Questions-Current JMC students would be a great source for our audience. By hearing their experiences, our audience will be able to judge whether or not JMC is for them.  JMC professors would also be a good source because then the students can see what they are like.

Communication Strategies– One of the factors that will affect the message is if the students are more interested in the art department or another major besides JMC. If this is the case then they will not listen to our message.

Essence of the Message-The planned communication impact on our audience is to inform and change their minds about what major they would like to go into. We need to show our audience what is unique about JMC and the similarities between the majors they are interested in and JMC.

Nonverbal Support-Photographs of JMC majors in the Mac lab can be a great way to enhance our message. A small video on YouTube can show students most of the opportunities that a JMC major can partake in. We should even include a chart with types of majors and show that JMC has a higher percentage than some.


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