Let’s Talk About JMC

Using the nine basic MBO steps, I present the following plan to recruit students for the Journalism/Mass Communications department at Samford University.

1. Client/Employer Objectives: To recruit rising freshmen to the Samford JMC department by making them aware of the possibilities and high quality education they would receive.

2. Audience/Publics: Our publics would be current high school seniors interested in journalism, seniors who like to write, seniors who are interested in video production or photography, and seniors who don’t know what they want to major in.

3. Audience Objectives: Current seniors are looking for a journalism department that is thriving and that will educate them in multiple areas of media. They want to know what their options are within a JMC major. They also want to know what the department is all about, especially if they never considered journalism as a major before. They want to know what opportunities are available. They want to know what sets journalism apart from an english major.

4. Media Channels: There are several great ways to reach out to prospective students including email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The best channels will be email and Facebook. Emails can be used to give quick rundowns of the department and why they should major in JMC. Personal emails from current JMC students can be used give a student perspective and establish a relationship with the department. A Facebook page is a great way for prospective students to connect with each other and with current JMC students. You can also post videos and pictures to Facebook, making it an all-in-one channel.

5. Media Channel Angle: The primary purpose for using Facebook and email is to connect with prospective students and show them why they should major in JMC and why they should do it at Samford. It’s important to show them what sets the Samford JMC department apart from other colleges. It’s also important to give them information about the skills they will be taught and their career options.

6. Sources and Questions: We will want to use quotes from current JMC students, alumni in journalism professions, and JMC professors. We can pull statistics about how the JMC department at Samford is ranked locally and nationally, what awards it has won, and list several of the different places alumni now work.

7. Communication Strategy: We will need to emphasize what JMC students do outside of class. We can talk about internship opportunities, show student-made videos, give them a copy of the Crimson or show them Exodus Magazine. There are so many opportunities for them to practice what they are learning.

8. Essence of the Message: To convince prospective students to attend Samford and major in JMC by giving them the facts and showing them why they will get the best education at Samford.

9. Nonverbal Support: Since much of JMC is about presentation, our website must look great with quality photos and videos. It has to stand out.


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