Attend Samford for Journalism and Mass Communication

Overall Goal: Recruit new students to attend Samford University & major in Journalism and Mass Communication

(Set up by using the 9 Basic MBO [management by objective] steps in order to provide focus and direction)

1. Client/Employee Objectives

If prospective students understand the department and all the benefits it includes, they will be more likely to want to attend Samford.  This is good for Samford faculty, staff, students and alumni.  The professors want new eager students to attend and bring new talent through Samford.  By understanding the credibility and status of Samford, many prospective students will want to attend.  Samford has a diverse student population and hopes to continue that with recruiting around the country.  There must be a constant and strong message Samford continues to spread to all publics in order to achieve their goal.

2. Audience/Publics

In order to affectedly spread the message, there are several publics that must be reached.  Not only must high school students be reached, but their parents, teachers, and counselors are important.  Therefore, there are  three large groups who need to be reached.

  • High school students (seniors and juniors)- These students are about to make a life changing decision.  They will be receiving many college visits from different schools with different selling points. It is important for them to visit Samford and see how it runs.  By talking to professors and students already in the department, it can help them make their decision.
  • High school faculty and staff-  The advice and knowledge of people in these positions are very important to students.  They must be knowledgeable  about Samford and the JMC department in order to correctly direct students.  Without the correct information, they can lead students in the wrong direction or not to Samford at all.
  • Parents of high school students-  Not only are these the most important adults in students lives, but they are probably who will be paying for the Samford education.  It is important to structure their message to let them know their money will be put to good use and not being wasted.  They must know their children are getting an above average education.

3. Audience Objectives

This step brings up the importance of letting students know there is more to Samford than just class.  By highlighting class in the JMC department, but also the benefits and opportunities within the department, more students are likely to come to Samford. Testimonies from current students are effective.  Alums working in the field are also great speakers to entice students to come to Samford.  The JMC department is very strong and already has such creative students, that they could come up with several ideas to impress high school students and convince them to attend Samford, such as a video done by a student.

4. Media Channels

In-person speeches and meetings are very important for this goal.  It is also important to provide schools and students with brochures, website addresses, letters, and more in order to show Samford’s want for the student.  There are several ways to communicate this message.  It is important to do so in many ways.  Not to annoy the audiences, but let them know there is information if they want it and how to easily find it.

5. Media Channel Objectives

Publications for this particular goal is a little different.  News channels and newspapers are not going to pick up a story necessarily on simply recruiting.  This message will be communicated mainly by the website, social media, and print-publications.  There are some books and similar publications that highlight schools and it is important for Samford to get into such items.

6. Sources and Questions

The department head and school dean would be necessary to confirm information and important people to interview for this process.  Although these two individuals are the most knowledgeable, it also will be important to talk to current students.  They can relate better to the prospective students and get information across that others may have trouble doing.

7. Communication Strategies

Campus visits are necessary to reinforce the decision of prospective students.  How can you choose where you will spend four years of your life without seeing and visiting?  Parents should also come to campus to understand what they children are getting into.

8. Essence of the Message

In order to achieve this goal, the message must transform attitudes and opinions.  Prospective students need to decide they want to attend Samford and major in Journalism and Mass Communication.

9. Nonverbal Support

As stated above, there needs to be constant communication.  By changing how you communicate the message can be better understood.


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