9 Steps to Grabbing Your Audience

My public relations class was given an assignment to develop a strategy to recruit new students to attend Samford University and explain the strategic planning that we use. I have chosen the 9 basic steps to MBO.

1. Client/employer Objectives. What is the purpose of the communication? In this case, the purpose is to promote Samford University and recruit new students to join to journalism and mass communication department.

2. Audience/Publics. Who exactly should be reached with the message? We are trying to reach seniors or juniors in high school who would be interested in the field of journalism and mass communication.

3. Audience Objectives. What is it that the audience wants to know, and how can the message be focused on them. The prospective students want to know about the college, and the journalism and mass communication department. Give a brief overview of the school and then focus on the advantages of being a JMC major.

4. Media Channels. How to reach these prospective students? The best way to reach future students is sending out brochures, put a web address on the brochures, that way they have something to look at visually; also the websites can have videos and pictures to draw in the audiences. Other resources to use to reach prospective students can be Facebook, Twitter and e-newsletters.

5. Media Channel Objectives. What are they looking for and what angle is being used? It’s important to create something that the audiences can feel connected to or interested in, therefore by creating fun websites, they can check out what the journalism and mass communication department is all about and what they have to offer their students.

6. Sources and Questions. It’s good to have different types of resources for the audience to look at, that way all their questions and concerns get answered. Maybe have personal interviews from current students, stating why their love Samford and what drew them to journalism and mass communications.

7. Communication Strategies. Using the most direct and effective strategies of communications and seeing how the audience responds to your message.

8. Essence of the Message. The purpose of the message is to not only inform the audience, but change their attitude and minds about Samford University. We want them to think about joining our community, and becoming a student here in the future.

9. Nonverbal Support. Nonverbal messages such as photos, videos, graphs, and artwork are useful to use because it gives the audience visual aid and it will stick in the minds better than just reading black and white.



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