4 Ways to Recruit for SU JMC

Although Samford is known for its many prestigious schools and departments, everyone knows that it is the Journalism and Mass Communication Department that shines above them all.  And I am making certain that prospective students recognize this through Ketchum’s Strategic Planning Model.  This model has four key aspects for a successful PR plan.

FACTS: Samford students need to know important information like the number of departmental scholarships available, the success of the department, the highly esteemed faculty, and the small student to teacher ratio.  With impressive facts like this, Samford JMC is sure to win over the hearts of all high school seniors.

GOALS: Because the goal of college is preparation for a career, prospective JMC students need to know about all of the internship and job opportunities available to Samford grads.  Samford’s location in B’ham and close proximity to Southern Progress and other great places make it a prime college to receive a JMC degree from.  By showing prospective students the advantages that Samford provides in obtaining key internships and job opportunities, it will show them that Samford is the right choice.

Audience: Because students generally do not make their college decision alone, it is important to cater to the desires of both parent and child.  Samford must demonstrate its perfect balance between big-school fun and resources and small-school learning and community.  When choosing a college and a major, families want to feel reassured.  Samford’s JMC department needs to take those extra measures and precautions to ensure that those prospective families feel comfortable and confident in the department.

Key Message: The main point in all of this is to convince prospective students that Samford is in fact the best school for their money and is a worthwhile investment for their future.  Also, Samford’s Journalism and Mass Communication department is a smart choice in selecting a major because it prepares students for a broad base of successful careers and opens many doors for internships and job opportunities because of its reputation in the Birmingham area and beyond.



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