Enticing Students to Journalism at Samford University.

There are multiple ways to entice a new student to Samford University into becoming the next Journalism and Mass Communications major.  The textbook THINK, by Cameron, Reber, Shin, and Wilcox, gives three effective ways to forming a public relations planning model.

The model I would follow is Ketchum’s Strategic Planning Model. There are four important stages to this model to ensure that the lure of students into journalism at Samford is completed.

The first stage is facts. Students want to be well informed about the major and college that they are choosing. What is journalism doing in our society? Students need to be made aware of all of the ways that they use social media,writing, and what the new trends are for society.  It is also important that when students are being recruited that you know every fact and statistic about journalism programs in competing colleges.  You have to be able to set apart your establishment from others.

The second stage is goals. It is important to layout the graduation plan as a business objective for potential students.  Show them the classes that they will have to take, and all that they will learn while being a student in the department.  What knowledge and experience will they come out of college with? It is important to tell them what they will gain from their experience, and give examples of where past students are now.  It is also important to show potential students sources of business.  At Samford University we make  a lot of connections from various advertising firms, public relations firms, news stations, and more.  They need to know who they will meet and how those encounters will further their likelihood of getting a job in the field after graduation.

The fourth step is audience. It is important when planning a pr model to know your audience.  In this case, the audience is potential journalism students.  You have to decide how you want the audience to feel about coming to school at Samford and participating in the journalism department.  Then you have to be realistic about how they are feeling. After deciding both of those, you need to find what will lure them in.  What will make them choose Samford over any other college?  Change the potential students’ minds from what they are feeling to what  you want them to feel about being a Journalism and Mass Communications major at Samford University.

The last stage is the key message.  What is the one point that you want to make sure that potential students leave knowing about Samford University’s Journalism and Mass Communications Department? You have to be clear and concise in the key point. You may go over various facts and information throughout the enticement of students, but in this part let the students know what they will be missing if they do not come be a part of this department. Emphasize how journalism at Samford University will shape their career following graduation.


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