Man with many talents

Chris Davis is the director of integrated communication for fi-plan partners. He did not start out with this job, or anything like it for that matter. fi-plan partners help strategize to help your wealth grow.

Chris started his presentation to our Journalism and Mass Communication class at Samford University by asking us some questions. “Do y’all have any plans? Goals? What do you want to do?”

He started out in Maryland, went to Germany and ended up at Samford where he fell in love with Birmingham. Not only has he lived in a lot of different places. He has had a lot of different jobs. He was a musician, opened and owned a recording studio, opened a conference company and ended up at fi-plan.

Chris spent some time discussing how he is a “right-brained” person and by knowing this and his
creativity, he knew what he could do and what he wouldn’t be happy doing. He said he was always going to be creative and always going to need to communicate with a lot of people.

His job does just that, he communicates with a lot of people in a lot of ways. (intergrating)

Although working for a financial company has a lot of regulations, he has still been able to plug-in his talents.

Chris mentioned the importance of marketing a campaign before pitching it to a future client. He stressed how it is important to make sure you ask what you can do for them. By making them feel important and worth your time, you will get more from them.

Also, asking for one step at a time. Such as: “Do you wanna sign up for a free e-news letter?,” then “come see us at our office,” and then ask them to place their money (whatever your business is) with you.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The majority of Chris’ discussion focused on SEO (search engine optimization). By following simple rules it is easy to get your website to the top of the search sites and therefore create more hits for your organization. If your site is on the first page, you have successfully accomplished this task.

1. Key Words- Pick important key words and use them. You want to use a word for your site, such as “financial planning” for fi-planning partners in order for it to move up the list on search engine sites. However some people try to cheat, they are called black hats, by placing the word millions of times in the same color as the background. If you do this, you will move down. Remember: Use your key word enough, but not too much!

2. Use tabs, not scrolling down- If a viewer of your site is constantly scrolling down you will move down in the list. This is the same idea as “overfold” for newspapers. Articles on the second half of the page do not get read as much. By using tabs, your viewer can stay near the top and still have a lot of information.

3. Link- If you use links (especially your key word as a link), your website will move up in the list. Bonus points for linking to other sites than your own and more bonus points for linking to partners of the search engine. Example: YouTube and Google

4. Tell a story- Language that is easy to read for the natural reader is very important to these search sites. By telling a story (and using your key words in that story) you will move toward the front of the line.

These are just a few of the simplest and easiest ways to move your site up the list on search engines. Remember to always have a plan before beginning and be creative, like Chris.

“Creative Chris” has a blog discussing his favorite job he’s ever had, being a dad. It is “Dad Creates.” Find it here:


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