“I can wear a tie and still be creative.”

This past Friday our PR class had our second in-class speaker, Chris Davis the Director of  Integrated Communications at Fi Plan Partner. Mr. Davis was an interesting business man.  He told us of his past as a traveling musician, as well as a small business owner and how he landed his current job.

Mr. Davis said he enjoys his job now because it allows him to be creative even though he has to wear a suit and tie. Everyday he is working to create new ways to connect people and groups together.

One of his great ideas for this company came in the form of the companies own coffee blend.  They have small packets that they give out as samples of quality coffee and it is a wonderful advertising tool.

He is also in charge of producing a web page that appears quickly on the google search page and he gave us some pointers on how to make that happen.

1.Keywords on homepage-Make sure to use your keywords but don’t overuse them.

2. Links to other websites with like interests-Links to other websites score major points with google ranking your website higher which intern makes your website appear earlier on the results page.

3. Information above the fold-Just like a newspaper, on your webpage you want your information “above the fold” which on the web translates to before you have to scroll. The most solid information needs to be the first thing people see.

Those are just a few tips he let us in on. His presentation was very well put together and up beat. Having Mr. Davis was a great learning experience.


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