Chris Creates

Student turned musician, turned coffeehouse guru, turned marketer, web designer, advertiser, photographer, writer, blogger turned dad. Chris Davis has held countless job descriptions, his current one being the director of integrated communications at Fi-Plan Partners.

With all his experience in the creative world, some might assume Davis isn’t well versed in the technical side of things, but boy did he know his stuff. He spent a lot of time explaining Search Engine Optimization. He stressed the importance of leaving a good impression online for future potential bosses to see.

Davis spent a lot of time talking about the difference between white-hat Search Engine Optimization and black-hat SEO. White-hat SEO are the ‘good guys’, the ones who follow the rules of SEO while still being honest for audiences. Black-hat SEO are the ‘bad guys’, who cheat audiences and twist the rules to increase their chances of being listed among the top sites on a Google search.

Learning how to maneuver the rules of SEO can increase a site’s chances of getting noticed on a search engine by the thousands.

Chris Davis shared valuable information about creative Internet maneuvering, and being a good dad. To find out more about Chris Davis and how the creative side to his life you should visit his blog, Dad Creates.


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