Search Engine Optimitization really helps.

Last Friday, Chris Davis the Director of  Integrated Communications, at Fi Plan Partners came to speak to our pr class about what he does. Chris, a Samford graduate, is in charge of the company’s website, social media sites, and graphic design for his company. Chris has had interested career  getting to where he is today. After he left Samford, he was a musician for 11 years.Then he started his own coffee shop . He says he is addicted to coffee. Chris gave a very passionate and energetic lecture about Fi-Plan Partners and what they do and search engine optimization. I found the most interesting part to be the part about s.e.o. here are 5 things I learned from Chris about s.e.o.

1. The use of keywords is crucial to your website. If you use them a lot where people and the google bugs can see them your website will rank high.

2. Write good and have good content. If you do this you will attract many people to your website.

3. Tell a good story. Google likes websites that tell good stories and use their keywords to tell stories.

4. Google loves hyperlinks. If you have these so people can go to other websites to learn more about  your product it helps.

5. The goal to ultimately increase your search engine optimization is to link to other people and have them link back to your webpage.

here is a link to chris’ blog


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