“My whole life I’ve lived in flip-flops and jeans”

When Chris Davis was setting up his laptop at the front of the class I wasn’t sure who this guy was.  However, the fact that he pulled out a Macbook Pro and knew what he was doing made me ready to hear what he had to say.  I could tell this guy was a real “down to earth” man that I would have no problem having a conversation with.  He didn’t disappoint.

Turns out he loves music and was a musician for 11 years, he owned a recording studio, a conference company and a coffee house.  Davis also enjoys video editing, photography, audio editing and web design.  The amazing part is that he gets to use these skills with areas that he is passionate about and at his job.

The most interesting PR related information I learned from Davis is SEO.

SEO means search engine optimization.

When you run a website, it is vital that the people of the world can find your website quickly and easily using search engines.  Doing things like using “Keywords” correctly on your homepage, helps increase your rankings.  Also using outbound and inbound links correctly will help your site get into the top 10 on Google.

Outbound link – a link that sends the reader to another website entirely or another place on your own site.  It is good to have both.  *If you link video, use YouTube because it is owned by Google and they love when you use their company.

Inbound like- links on other websites that direct back to your own.  These are harder to attain because it involves talking to another business and working out a deal where you can help each other.

White Hat SEO

  • the good guys
  • the companies or individuals who use the rules of SEO to their advantage while staying honest

Black Hat SEO

  • the bad guys
  • when a company tries to cheat they will often use the rules and twist them to gain popularity among the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Learning how to use SEO well can mean the difference in being number 3 on Google or 3,000,000.

Chris Davis is an honest man who, from what I read in his blog and what I gathered from his visit to class, loves his family very much.  If you would like to read more about Chris and his life please check out his Dad Creates blog.


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