Love Your Family and Love What You Do.

Website designs, market planning, advertising, photography, writing, and graphic design are just a few jobs that Chris Davis fits into his title as director of integrated communications at Fi-Plan Partners.  Fi-Plan Partners is an independent financial company that sets a goal of choosing the best interest for all of their clients.

Chris taught us an immense amount of information about SEO.  He started by saying that it is important to know at the minimum basics, which is what we write will most likely end up on the internet.  The internet will reflect you when someone looks you up for a potential job.

He then talked about the difference between a white-hat SEO and a black-hat SEO. White-hat SEOs are the good guys such as google with high quality information.  The black-hat SEOs try to game the system by bending the rules of SEO.

Chris then went into the topic of writing.  He elaborated on having goo content to write a story.  The talk of writing led to key words within writing on a website that serves as links.  An outbound link is a link within a website.  An inbound link is where somebody elses website linked to your own.  Chris told us that it is important to link your website to others website that will give further information on your key words.  It is also important to not overuse key words.  The last factor he talked about when building a website for your company is to make sure all of the content is above the fold.

Chris Davis enlightened us on building a website for a company, and most importantly by emphasizing that we make sure to love what we do.  Chris Davis loves his family, and he loves what he does.

To read more about Chris Davis and his love of life click Dad Creates.

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