“It’s Right Brain Stuff for Me”

We had the opportunity to have Chris Davis, director of integrated communication of fi-plan partners speak to our class. He has done many different things from being a musician on the road to fixing bikes and starting up a conference company for young musicians. He currently does photography, video editing, web design, strategic marketing planning, advertising, etc.

The main thing that Chris talked to our class about was SEO (search engine optimization) Your site will have a higher percentage of getting in the top search results if you know the basics. Google and Yahoo care about providing the best information.  You want your site to be on the first page because then you will get more hits. He talked about how there are two types of hats:

White hats– The good guys that follow the rules (quality information)

Black hats
-The bad guys that game the rules (no quality information)

Here are some of the rules he mentioned:

  • Use keywords.(words that people will most likely type in the search engine)
  • Tell a story with key words. (make sure your story makes sense)
  • Use outbound links. (those that go to another part of your web site)
  • Try to get other web sites to link to yours. (inbound links)
  • Put your main content “above the fold” (where they don’t have to scroll)

Chris briefly talked about event planning. He said that the way you promote your business has a big impact on the guests that attend your event. Because of the restrictions, fi-plan is not allowed to promote their events. They partner with Samford for many of them and that is a success because more people will come to a Samford event.

There are a lot of restrictions on fi-plan because of the other financial businesses that are unethical. I am glad he mentioned the company is an ethical one that bases itself on the best interests of the clients.

Be sure to check out his personal blog DadCreates. Throughout his blog Chris shows how dads can be creative in spending time with their children. One of his main goals is to become a great dad to his two sons.

Great ending Chris! Thank you so much for talking to us!


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