Integrating Communication

For Samford University grad Chris Davis, integrating forms of communication has been one of the most important keys to success. The creative results he has achieved in everything, from starting businesses, to designing websites, to creating advertisements, are all rooted in the art of integration. Integrating his new and creative ideas with old-school traditions and concepts, plus backing it all up with one tech savvy approach, results in success.

It is easy to say Chris has done a little bit of everything, from studying art in Germany to owning a conference company, recording studio, and coffee house. Now, he has a personal parenting blog called Dad Creates. Currently he is the Director of Integrated Communications for Fi-Plan Partners, which is a financial planning firm based in Birmingham. While this job has been different for Chris compared owning a coffee shop or traveling as a musician, he has still been able to put to use the knowledge he gained through working in the business world and interacting with a variety of people.

Five stand out points Chris hit were not only applicable for himself and others working in public relations, but were relevant for students as well.

1.GOALS. you can’t exist without them. They are invaluable when creating a marketing plan. In order to be effective you have to have some way of evaluating your strategy, and how will you know if completed your plan to its fullest capacity if there is no goal in mind?

2. SEO. search engine optimization, how to get good results. How you write WILL effect how well your audience can find you on the Internet. You must be aware and be strategic in order to land on the first page of a search engine’s results.

3. KEY WORDS. they exist, use them properly. There is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to use key words. Once a search engine is notified of your key words selection your website will be checked to see how often your site contains the key words. The trouble comes when less-than-legitimate websites embed key words excessively. So, your solution is not to clutter a page with key words, it’s to pick strategic key words, use them often and use them properly.

4. TELL A STORY. its how you get noticed. Telling a story goes back to using your key words properly, by telling a story and using your key words throughout it, is how your page gets noticed. Search engines can easily understand key words embedded in a story, so by doing this your website can obtain a higher place on a search engine’s page.

5. ROOTS BELONG IN CREATIVITY. blend it into everything. One thing I noticed Chris kept coming back to was the importance of creativity. Creativity has its place in a marketing plan, on a website, in key words, and every other element of Chris’ job. Thinking outside-the-box, as over used as that phrase is, created his company’s own coffee blend, which clients love. Creativity is what can set you apart from every other PR professionals.


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