Get Noticed Online

Chris Davis of Fi-Plan Partners spoke to our PR class on Friday. Davis is the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan and author of the creative parenting blog Dad Creates.

One of Davis’s communications responsibilities at Fi-Plan is to create a website that is readable and can be found easily among hundreds of search engine results. He gave the class tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Choose and use your keywords wisely. Think about what people looking for a company or website like yours will type in to a search engine. For example, Fi-Plan’s website can be found by typing in “financial planner” or “financial planner Birmingham.” Be careful not to overuse your keywords in your web site’s text. Search engines may mistake it for spam and put you further down in the search results.

2. Keep your content “above the fold.” The less scrolling visitors have to do on your homepage, the better. Your site will be more user-friendly. Search engines look at this information as well when ranking you in the search results.

3. Have good content. Your web page should be informative and clear. Try to tell a story with your writing. The stronger and more credible the information, the higher you will be ranked.

4. Links, links, links. Linking to other websites with related information gives your site more credibility, especially if the information is good. If another website links to yours, it shows the search engine the value of your site.

5. Stay up to date on SEO rules. The rules are always changing, so don’t get left behind and pushed to the bottom of the results list.


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