Creative Communication

Chris Davis, the Director of Integrated Communications for Fi-Plan Partners, a financial planning and wealth management firm in Birmingham, spoke to our JMC 492 PR class at Samford on Friday.  A native of Maryland and a Samford grad (although getting there took him around the world…literally), Davis has been a professional musician, owned a coffee shop, a recording studio, and a conference business, all with an English degree. 


In a nutshell, Davis describes his job as communicating with many people in many ways.  In order to accomplish this task, he does…everything.  Photography, video editing, web design, advertising, and graphic design are just a few on the list of his job description.

He also reaches out to a mass audience through social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and through newsletters.  However, Davis explained that it is frustrating because no interaction is allowed between his company and the outside world through social media.

Davis explained that it is important to get creative when marketing to potential clients.  He used a Christmas card that he designed and his company’s custom blend coffee “Financial House” as examples of creative ways to reach people.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also key in marketing your company.  Davis shared with us some rules on “How to be Found Online”.  Know the correct number of times to use your keywords, and do not go over or under that amount.  Tell a good story using those keywords and use links to other helpful websites.  Put your most important information “above the fold”.  Have other websites link or direct people to your site.

Davis also explained the way to measure Marketing Campaigns is through Awareness, Interest, Evaluations, Commitment, Referral, and then Repeating the steps.

His favorite thing is being a dad.  He even has a personal blog about his life as a dad!  Click Here to visit.



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