Creating Communication

Friday, Samford graduate, Chris Davis came to visit Dr. Martin’s JMC 492 Class. Mr. Davis is the director of integrated communication for Fi-plan partners. Mr. Davis does a variety of things relating to public relations in his career. Mr. Davis shared many of these things with the class. He described his job as communication with a lot of people in a lot of different ways. This, I believe, is an essential concept to public relations.

Mr. Davis taught us many things that we can use in our future this past Friday. Here are just a few things that I learned:

– You should have a goal for all marketing campaigns. It is important to always make sure you’re meeting your goals during the campaign. A way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and make sure you’re reaching your goals is a “Call to Action.” A “Call to Action,” or a “CTA,” measures how many responses and what feedback you are receiving from your campaign.

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is so very important because most of what we write will end up online. We need to be familiar with SEO because we want a higher readership. We also need to be conscious of web rules in order to be a white hat SEO person rather than a black hat SEO.

-Put your most important information above the fold. “Above the fold” is the area that people will see when they visit your website without scrolling up or down. Customers will probably not scroll down the web page to read information below the fold.

-When making a  web page, use your key words in a story-telling fashion to be placed higher in the google search. A good idea is to make links out of your key words.

-Google will place your website higher if you have a Youtube video because they own Youtube.

Our class was very grateful for Mr. Davis’ visit. All of his tips will be very helpful in the future when we are trying to make a name for ourselves or the companies we work for.

To hear more from Chris Davis visit his blog at:


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