Investing in PR

On Friday 18th, my public relations class was fortunate to have guest speaker Chris Davis join our class. Mr. Davis is the director of integrated communications for fi-plan Partners, a financial management and planning firm. Working in the investment world of finance, Chris Davis has to find new ways to communicate with their clients without breaking any of the “rules” so to speak. A few ways Fi-plan Partners communicate with their clients is through e-news letters, advertisement, and old fashion mail. A fun fact about fi-plan Partners, Chris Davis had O’Henry’s coffee-house make their own blend of coffee beans for the office called Financial House Blend. If you want to know more about Chris and what he does go to his blog at

All about SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization which helps people find your websites online by picking the best websites with the most information. Of course everyone wants to be picked to be on the top list, but there are rules that need to be followed to be place higher on the search engine list.

Following the guidelines:

Use keywords. By using keywords on your website, you are helping the search process by making it easier to find your website.

Make some words into links. If your website has links to other sites that are similar to yours or helpful in any way than this will double your chances of getting on the top search list.

Have other websites linked to yours. If other companies have a link that goes to your site, then that shows that your website might have something useful and important on it and betters your chances for being found.

Helpful hints:

Don’t over use your keywords, that can seem redundant.

Don’t “black hat” your way to the top. A black hat is when people find a way around the SEO rules and cheat their way to the top of the search engine list.


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