It’s all a conversation

Friday our PR class was visited by Lori Merricks, an Account Director at Luckie & Co. and we learned many new things about the world of Public Relations.

1. The first thing I learned about was promoting brands and different ways to do that such as brand alliance, brand marketing, as well as simple advertising. Many times like companies will join together to advertise both products in one commercial or ad. (ex. snuggle and tide)

2. Another aspect  of PR is brand protection. Normally there are two types of crisis management. One is the sudden crisis such as the recent oil spill, and the other a smoldering crisis. This one is something that carries on for a while unbeknownst to the public and then surfaces.

3. You need to be able to write well. Employers often look for a solid set of skills in their employees and PR requires a lot of writing.

4. PR is all about timing!! If you want your pitch or news release to run at the right time in front of the right viewers the time at which you present your work to the newspaper or TV station is crucial.

5.PR is an ongoing conversation between a company and their clients and the job of the PR agency is to keep the conversation going.

It was a really great presentation and I learned a lot.


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