Luckie Us!

This past Friday we were privileged to have Lori Merricks, Account Director at Luckie & Co.,  come and speak to us about her company and what they do in relation to public relations.  I was able to see Luckie in action last semester in my JMC 200 class.  I was excited to hear more and have a better understanding of Luckie as a whole.

She spoke to us about how Luckie is the fifth ranked ad-agency in the U.S. based off of the revenue they bring in yearly.  The statistics she gave to us in regards of their accomplishments was quite impressive.  Another aspect of their work was where they have worked, which was on shows I watch regularly, yet another cool fact.

When we moved further into learning about Luckie as and what their job consists of 3 elements were her focus-brand marketing, brand alliance, and brand protection.  She touched on the importance of being clear in the message intended for the public/client and the need to connect with your audience.

The examples she provided as to how brands use alliances to better promote their company was perfect.  One was an example of how Band Aid and Neosporine worked together to make a commercial and displayed how they work together for the good of the buyer.  Pretty convincing sale tactic I’d say.

Merricks also gave the class a model with the “brand” being the center of the model and four crucial parts of how to obtain the brand you want for your product or company.  The four elements she shared were first the consumer, then trends to follow, influentials or people who will be talking about the product, and the competitors.

One quote Lori gave us to hold on to was, ” P.R. is a dialogue, not a monologue.”  She expanded on that quote and explained that this profession wants a relationship with whoever it is you are talking to, whether journalists, bloggers, or consumers.

Some of the crucial parts of the profession are research, strategic planning, writing, knowledge of social media, and grips on ones ethics.  Each of these were spoken of by her as having equal importance and need for someone going into public relations for a future career.

She left us with different people in the field to follow on Twitter which was very helpful.  What better way to find out the people of whom we should contact to learn more than ones recommended by a professional that truly knows this job market.

Having Lori Merrick come and speak to us was so wonderful on such a dreary day.  Having her speak of what her daily life is like at Luckie & Co. really made me curious to learn more of the company and the field of public relations.  She sold me!  I know I’m in the right place that’s for sure.

Thanks Lori for a great presentation of Luckie and your experiences there.


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