Definition: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.


Luck would not be defined as sleeping until 2pm last Friday (as good as it was) and missing two classes and a speaker.  However, having friends donate notes and using the power of Google to complete this assignment sounds like luck to me.


Lori Merricks is the account director at Luckie & Co. As most of you know Luckie is the 5th ranked ad agency in the U.S.


PR elements: Brand Marketing, Brand Alliance, Cross Marketing and Brand Protection


PR is all about timing.  When a product or company advertises is one of the most important aspects of PR.  Just last night some of the most expensive airtime was used.  The Super bowl has a huge audience and advertisers know it.


Writing.  We know it, employers know it, just face it, writing is important.  Crucial.


That is all. Short and sweet. The way PR should be.


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