How Luckie.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Lori Merrick’s visit to Samford’s PR class this past Friday. However, last year I had the opportunity to have a personal interview with Lori at Luckie & Co. The agency’s ambiance gave off a very artistic vibe. I still remember the intricate metal designs that hung from the ceiling and the bright colors throughout the building. Public relations and advertising is all about presentation. From the moment I walked through the door, Luckie & Co. did just that.

Feeling relaxed and welcomed, I began to ask Lori questions about her career. The duties of her position, account director, vary on a daily basis. Her first piece of advice was this:

  • Be ready for a flexible schedule. Lori started giving a description of her typical day. She honestly does a little of everything—she deals with the media, writes PR programs, creates power points, and helps with event planning.

Luckie & Co. is the 5th ranked ad agency in the U.S., which was started by Mr. Luckie in 1953. After learning some of Luckie’s history, Lori talked more about her job.

  • To prepare, find an internship program. Your background and experience is more important than your degree. She said it is very helpful to work in a newspaper or any media environment to help prepare oneself for a job in PR.
  • Next, PR is all about conveying a message. Overall, you are generating media coverage for clients all over the country. To do so, one must be an effective communicator.
  • If you think only journalists write, you are wrong. Lori could not stress enough how important one’s writing skills are for a job in PR. The job is all about how you come across through writing. Practice. You need as much experience as you can get.
  • Lori continuously commented on the flexibility of her job, and how much she enjoyed this aspect of PR. However, her least favorite thing about her job was the stress level, which can get rough. You have to be dependable to your clients. The media will ask you questions, and you must represent your clients to the best of your ability.

All in all, Luckie & Co. is an establish ad agency with many PR elements. I plan to remember and apply Lori’s tips and suggestions while developing my PR career.


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